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Hotel/motel feature walls

Are your guestrooms due for a booster shot? If they are more tired than your guests it’s time to refurbish as they are costing you money. But if the piggy bank won’t stretch that far, here are 324 low-cost ways to give your rooms a facelift. As colour has been rediscovered there are signs that Australia’s love affair with ho-hum white walls is showing signs of stress.

Well-presented rooms command higher room rates and better occupancy. Turn a convenient overnight stopover into a memorable experience that brings guests back again.

• There is no minimum quantity – try one for starters,
• Then do more rooms as time and money permit.
• Use the same design in all rooms or a variety to create different moods.
• Offer guests a basic room or a decorated one at a higher tariff and see the difference.

All our wall coverings are available in many size options but here are 324 examples that show 2M high x 4M wide murals to go above the bed, and 3M high x 4M wide wallpapers that cover a whole wall.

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