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General Information

Mistakes are expensive, so we don’t want to make any. To ensure it is the correct one we will send you a proof for your approval before the mural is printed. Your prompt acceptance will speed up delivery. 

Depending on the image, your mural can be 2M or 3M high x various widths. Although the mural is printed as one seamless image it needs to be cut into vertical strips 1M or 1.2M wide and rolled, as international courier companies will only accept mailing tubes not longer than 1.3M.


For invisible joins, the panels are hung to overlap each other by a couple of centimeters. Using a Stanley knife, the wallpaper hanger will slice down the middle of the overlap from top to bottom and then remove the offcuts. When measuring your wall make sure you allow a bit extra for trimming at the sides. 

While our normal delivery time is within 21 days from confirmation of the order, at present this might blow out by a few days due to COVID-19 delay.

We use the term “Wallpaper” loosely as there are 27 different backing materials and textures on which the mural could be printed. We use silk vinyl for fine designs, canvas vinyl for most designs, and glossy vinyl for some subjects such as polished marble  or tropical lagoons. 

Murals will be replaced at our expense in the unlikely event that we send the wrong one, or in the case of faulty workmanship or materials.


Where a design is too wide for your wall you can select a narrower width but you will need to indicate to us which section you want – From the left – from the right – centre section – etc.

You can select a segment of a design and have it expanded to fill your space but you will need to provide us with an image (low quality) of your selection.



Our murals and wallpapers are printed to order on 3M wide rolls so you can choose either 2M or 3M heights. There is no limit on the length you choose but while some designs are continuous patterns that were designed to be used as wallpapers, most are stand-alone murals to fit a specific width that is proportionate to the height without becoming distorted. Common sense dictates that a picture that was designed in the proportions of 3:3 will not look right if the proportion is altered to 3:4 or more to fill your space.