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I have been an importer and reseller of up-market furniture and decorating accessories for more than 50 years, long before containerized shipping and computers. My retail store, ‘Heritage’, in Perth was highly regarded for its custom-made sofas, handmade by a master craftsman from the frame up, and covered in exclusive American fabrics. We carried reproduction furniture in mahogany, walnut, yew, and oak from England, as well as hand carved French Provincial living room and bedroom furniture from Spain and Italy, and accessories from all over.

I have visited numerous factories, as well as furniture trade fairs in London, Copenhagen, Milan, Valencia, Saigon, Bangkok, North Carolina, and many times in Guangzhou (China). When I first started dealing with China in 1978 there were no private businesses or cars in that country.

On a hotel furniture procurement assignment recently, I spent a couple of weeks ferreting in a small city in the south of China that exhibits 10 million square metres of furniture from hundreds of manufacturers. I mention this to demonstrate that what is available in Australia is just a tiny tip of the iceberg. This also applies to wallpapers and murals: for example, just one of several suppliers with whom we deal has 2,500 murals available. With Australia’s high labour and marketing costs it is neither possible nor economical to carry a comprehensive selection in stock, and that is why you won’t find much in retail stores. But thanks to Australia now embracing on-line shopping The Mural Master can offer you whatever the rest of the world is choosing.

Our murals are custom-made and will arrive at your door by international courier within a few weeks, and although delivery is a significant component of the price, it will cost you less than if you managed to find anything suitable in a traditional retail outlet.