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Australia’s widest selection of wallpaper murals for any venue – 2,000 designs

– delivered to your door within 21 days – with no shipping charges

mural master - fruit salad wallpaper mural
mural master - elephants
mural master - pizza shop
mural master - abstract

Burst out of your straightjacket and let your imagination run wild. Create your own tropical paradise, or a quiet cozy getaway from the outside world. Watch the kids have fun in their very own Fantasyland, or make an impact in your bar or café to make it stand out from your competitors. Whatever your purpose, The Mural Master has something for you – in fact we have over two thousand subjects, designed in the US for the stylish and discerning International market – exotic, erotic, moody, relaxing, exciting, dramatic, serene, fun, nostalgic, electrifying, A wall mural from The Mural Master is the most personalized and inexpensive way to dress up any Australian home or business.